Ameri-Towne Savings & Loan


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Here’s a little competition for the 1st National Bank. This is the Ameri-Towne Savings and Loan. Ameri-Towne structure kits are easy to assemble and ready to paint, just what you need to set off the downtown area of your layout.

All Ameri-Towne buildings are complete kits, ready-to-assemble, complete with window graphic inserts and textured brick walls, molded in brick-red polystyrene fully 1/4″ thick. Each building comes with roof and sidewalk details molded in gray polystyrene. The kits are unpainted. Paint is not included. The building in the photo has been painted and weathered.

Ameri-Towne buildings are easy to kitbash. The walls are scored on the back of each floor so you can easily make a 3-story kit into a 2-story building, or combine two kits into a 6-story building. Footprint: 6″ wide x 6″deep x 9″ high

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SKU 877
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Easy to assemble!
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