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George Lasley’s Layout

Publisher’s Corner

The OGR “Wear Are You” Contest

Editor’s Corner

It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas


  • Lionel Purchases MTH Tooling
  • Scenic Express Relocates to Colorado

Feature Layouts

  • ON THE COVER – Pandemic Perfectionist
    George Lasley’s Layout

    (photographed by Will Allen)
  • Don Keiser, Make a Double-Track Crossing
  • Ken Hoganson, Great Valley Western in 4×8
  • Fall Modular Scenes by River City 3 Railers

Product Reviews by Eric Siegel

  • Menards F3 locomotive
  • Lionel Vision Line GS-4
  • MTH Humvee and Stryker military flatcars

Collector’s Gallery

Vintage Vehicles

Team Track with Dave Minarik

Low Cost or No Cost Scenery Materials

Product Showcase

  • Lionel Strasburg Steamer
  • CTTA Woodside Reefer
  • LCCA Christmas Car
  • Lionel Amtrak Diesel
  • Atlas Holiday Cars

Second Section

  • Pacific & Eastern Rwy Club layout
  • P&E Digital to Conventional Switch Box

Readers’ Rails

Several great photos from:

  • Artie Wehrhahn
  • Anthony Kulfan
  • Artie Wehrhahn
  • Jame Lafevre
  • David Gale

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